The Hooded Plover

How fortunate are we that we have this beautiful bird right at our back door? The hooded plover is a vulnerable species and it is our responsibility that we educate all members within our community to ensure that it is protected particularly throughout the breeding season.

On Wednesday 13th November we will be meeting a very special person, John Murray.  John is a keen, dedicated and extremely passionate volunteer who is a member of “Bird Life Australia“. He is a person on a mission and alongside his fellow volunteers he  continues to make a difference. John has, for years, been following the plight of our little feathered friends and we look forward to him sharing his knowledge and stories that will help us to understand just how important it is to care for our local environment and the flora and fauna within it.

When it’s Hoodie season, it’s not footy season!

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 UPDATE- March 2014-We are delighted to announce the survival of a few Hooded Plover chicks throughout the past breeding season.

Congratulations to all those community members who volunteered to spend so much time during the Summer months protecting these beautiful little birds. It is an absolute credit to all involved.

11 thoughts on “The Hooded Plover

  1. Hey blogging buddy’s,
    I really enjoy walking on a beach knowing it’s been protected!!
    I also enjoy walking on a beach also knowing that our school and other people in the world, have tried so hard to keep these birds and other animals safe!!!
    And it sure has paid off!!!!!
    Do you agree?
    From your blogging friend
    Sabrina 😉

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I really appreciate how lots of people are keeping their dogs on a lead at the beach. I have a new favourite bird- it is the Hooded Plover. Whats your favourite bird?

  3. Dear Mrs V,
    I really like your piece of writing for the Hooded Plovers. I learnt that there are only four hundred Hooded Plovers left in Victoria. I also learnt that dogs eat there eggs.
    Mrs V what did you learn about the Hooded Plovers?

    From Lily 🙂

  4. Hi bloggers,
    This Summer and Autumn it is Hoodie season. This blog post tells you everything you need to know about the suffering and vulnreble Hooded Plover. Remember to keep your dog on a leash when you’re on the beach. One last thing when it’s not Footie season it’s Hoodie season.
    Do you keep your dog on a leash?

  5. Hi everyone,
    WOW!. Have you heard about the Hooded Plover? There is only 400 hundred in Victoria. That’s not much. I appreciate how everyone has tried to keep the dogs on the leashes. Do you think 400 is a lot of Hooded Plovers?
    from Charli

  6. Hello everyone,
    I really appreciate how John Murry goes arround the beaches helping the hooded plover. What is your favourite type of Australian bird?

  7. Hi Everyone,
    I can’t believe in Victoria there are 400 Hooded Plovers. I think that 20 out of 400 Hooded plovers will make it. I think they could just make it!


  8. Hi everyone,
    I am so sad about all the hooded plovers being threatend by other animals. I can’t wait until Wednesday when we will learn more about hooded plovers. I would love to see them when I am older because they are lovley birds and they are also harmless.
    Will we be able to help them?

  9. Hi everyone,
    I can’t believe there’s only 400 Hooded Plovers in Victoria.
    I’ve been doing research on the Hooded Plovers and what I’ve find out about their nests being blown away in the wind and also sometimes when kids run on the sand dunes and wreck the Hooded plovers homes.

    Did you know that not every nest is in a high tree some nests are in small trees?

    Did you know that the Hooded Plover is a species of bird in the family Charadriidae?

    Did you also know that the Hooded Plovers other name is the Hooded Dotterel?

    When I learnt all of this info I wanted to save them more I’ll do everything I can to save them!!!!
    From your class mate Freya 🙂

  10. Hi Everyone,
    WOW! Only 400 Hooded Plovers in Victoria! That’s not a lot of Hooded Plovers. Does anyone know any facts about Hooded Plovers? I hope they’ll survive!
    from Livia

  11. Hi,
    I can’t beleive theres only 400 Hooded Plovers in Victoria!
    I never knew that there was such a bird!
    What if they don’t make it?
    I really hope they do.

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