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Bluey and Lizzie are back!
Yes, that’s right, our resident pet blue-tongue lizards Bluey and Lizzie are out of hibernation and are preparing themselves to return to school next week. They are both well rested and keen to be taken out at lunchtimes so that they can soak up some of the lovely UV rays. As yet they have not eaten much but I am sure that once they return to their familiar environment they will feel more inclined to eat.

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  1. Hi Mrs V,
    What have you been up to this week? We went for a lovely swim last night and saw a sting ray in the shallows but it was really cold.
    That’s all for now.
    from Thomas

  2. Hi peeps of the world,
    This week we are trying to get our own blog like this one.
    All of your kids should come to this school.
    That is all for now folks.

    From Thomas

  3. Hi peeps,
    This week we did sport. We hade 8 activities to do. The 1st place ribbons I got were for shot put, long jump, egg and spoon race and the relays. The 2nd place ribbon was the bag race and 3rd was for the potato race.
    This is the most ribbons I have got in 8 activities in a day.
    It was the best time of my life.

    from Thomas

  4. Dear Mrs V,
    I was so happy when I heard that you responded to my comment!! πŸ™‚
    Anyway, I’ll tell you a story about the Lizards!
    One day, When I was about 6 years old, we went into the Learning Common to see the Lizards!
    You were holding them on a log and walking around the Learning Common showing the Lizards to everyone.
    So, when it was my turn, Bluey poked out his tongue at me, so I thought he was being rude to me, so I poked out my tongue at him and when I saw Lizzie she looked at me in a surprised way!!!
    My queston is:
    Did you like it?
    Were you surprised by it?
    From your blog worm
    Sabrina πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi there Sabrina, (blogging worm!) πŸ™‚
    Yes I was pretty sad to lose Lizzie however she was getting rather old and unfortunately passed away after having a joyous and very spoilt life that any Lizard could have asked for.
    Lizzie was so friendly and over her 16 years of her life she has brought a great deal of pleasure to hundreds of children.
    She was very quiet, and loved a belly rub- she also enjoyed dark spaces. One year she crawled up the leg of someones jeans and it was incredibly difficult to coax her out.
    She was the strawberry, kiwi fruit eater and I believe her favourite dish was egg and banana. A true vegetarian!
    I appreciate your concern and I hope when I bring Bluey to school next week that he gets lots of cuddles so that he feels not so alone which he seems to be at the moment.
    Again, thanky-ou for your lovely post.
    Mrs V πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Mrs V,
    I’m so upset to hear that Lizzie has died!!:(
    I feel the pain!
    Do you think you can move on?!!
    ( I hope so!)
    From you blogging buddy
    Sabrina:) ;D

  7. Hello everyone,
    It’s great to be back!
    But, it’s even better to hear that the lizards are out of hibernation!
    Are you excited to see them back too?
    From your blogging friend
    Sabrina πŸ˜€

  8. Hi peeps that are so cool,
    This week all of us were so excited about the school holidays next week. We are also excited about athletics and I am through to the next round.
    That is all for now peeps.

    by Thomas

  9. Hi peeps, it is me agan,
    This week we got to do some science and I did the exsplosions and it was so fun.
    That is all for now.

    by Thomas

  10. Hi peeps,
    We all have been going so well this week and we have all just got our results from our Naplan test and I went so, so well with it.
    I even nearly got the grade 4 sheet.
    That is all for now peeps.

    by Thomas

  11. Yay,
    I am so happy that the lizards are back because we get to hold them.
    Is everyone happy that the lizards are back? Well I know I was missing them. I appreciate Tom for taking very good care of them.
    From Lily

  12. Dear students,
    I really appreciate how every one shows respect to the lizards. Also I’m wonderring if our grade can have a day with the lizards like in the afternoon.
    It’s just a thought.
    From Lily

  13. Hi 3/4’s,
    I appreciate how Mrs V, Miss Mamo and Mr Ahearn made the learning contract. Does anyone agree?
    From Kai

  14. Hi 3/4AB,
    I really love having the lizards here because I love pets, but I don’t have any at home so it’s quite fun having them at the school. What’s your favourite thing about the lizards?

  15. Hi everyone,
    I am so glad Bluey and Lizzy are back because I missed them. I appreciate Tom taking care of Bluey and Lizzy this term. Did you miss them too?
    from Sonny.

  16. Hi everyone,

    I like Bluey and Lizzie because they are fast and cute.
    Why do they have a blue tongue?

    Yours Sincerely,
    Kade B

  17. Hi everybody,
    I’m so excited about Bluey and Lizzy coming home. I have been a lizard monitor for 2 years. I hope they are all ready and rejuvenated for a great year of learning.
    Are you excited to meet Bluey and Lizzy?

  18. Hi people of the world,
    I’m so glad that Mrs V has brought back the lizards.
    What do you like about the lizards?
    from Eliza

  19. Dear Friends,
    I really enjoy having Bluey and Lizzie as our school pets.
    How many months do they hibernate for?
    From Lucy.

  20. Hi grade 3 and 4 students,
    I’m so excited about Bluey and Lizzie coming back to school. I really appreciate that they have come to school again after being in hibernation. Hey everyone, what’s your favourite thing about Bluey and Lizzie?

    From Louis

  21. Hi everyone,
    I love the lizards because we can learn about them. Some people think that blue tongues are pests but they actually help your garden by eating the snails. I have been a lizard monitor for 5 years.
    The blue tongue lizards are about 10 years old but they have only been at this school for about three years.
    Before that, I looked after two very fast, spikey bearded dragons.

  22. Dear Freya,
    I also appreciate how the lizards are very gentle.They have grown over the holidays. How old are they?

  23. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for bringing the lizards back, Mrs V!
    I’m really excited about seeing them! I’m going to join the roster. Are you going to join the roster too?
    From your blogging buddy,
    Josie. πŸ˜‰

  24. Hi guys,
    I appreciate having the lizards at school because we can hold them and they are gentle.
    I am so excited and can’t wait until Bluey and Lizzie come back to school. What day are they coming back?
    From Freya.

  25. I am really excited about our lizards coming back to school and I am sure that Tom will also be very pleased to see his two reptilian friends again!
    We will be making up a roster so that any interested class members from grades 3 and 4 who would like to become lizard monitors can be trained up and become responsible for the care of our two scaly friends.
    If you are interested, we will get your names next week.
    See you all soon!
    Mrs V

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