“A new way of learning together and being together.”

We are a tribes learning community and are bound together by the core agreements listed below.

1. Β Mutual Respect

2. Attentive Listening

3. Appreciations, No Put Downs

4. The Right To Pass

5. Personal Best


What are some of the ways in which you model these agreements?

Which agreement do you find the most challenging and why?

Reflectionis an extremely important part of our Tribes philosophy.

Our students Β are encouraged to reflect upon their learning. As teachers, we ask questions that are designed to help students become reflective thinkers. Students openly and honestly reflect upon social interactions, events and experiences, individual performances and future learning.

As teachers, we too continually reflect upon our lessons, units of work and our teaching performance.

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11 thoughts on “Tribes

  1. Hi everyone,
    It has been interesting to read your posts related to Tribes. A few people have made comments on how reflection is a difficult concept to grasp. Therefore, we have decided to put a post up on the home page that will allow you all to gain a greater insight into “Reflection”, and how it fits into the Tribes philosophy and culture.
    I hope this clears up a few confusions that you may have had.
    Kindest Regards,
    Mr Ahearn πŸ™‚ and Mrs V πŸ™‚

  2. Hello everyone,
    The tribe agreement that I like is showing respect with my eyes,ears and my heart.
    The tribe agreement that I find challenging is reflection.

    Which Tribes agreement do you have trouble with?
    From Lily πŸ™‚

  3. Hey 3/4,
    I appreciate how we respect the tribes agreements.
    My one that I would struggle with would probably be Reflection.
    from your blogging buddy,

  4. Hi Tanika,
    We think that you actually work very hard to model all of the Tribe Agreements and are proud of the way you continue to use new strategies and skills each day.
    So, a big “Congratulations”, goes out to you for being motivated and taking on challenges with such enthusiasm.
    Mr Ahearn πŸ™‚ and Mrs V πŸ™‚

  5. Hi it’s Tanika here,
    I think I model personal best because I always try to do 100 percent in my work at home and school. I find it hard to have attentive listening because sometimes I get really distracted. Which Tribes do you model?
    Which tribe is challenging?
    From your Blogging Buddy,

  6. Hi it’s Nellie,
    I think mutual respect is important. You can show this by being respectful and attentive. Personal best is important in work to show you tried hard. The right to pass is used in community share if it is not the right time you are allowed to pass. Appreciations and no put downs means: say nice and positive things not bad and negative things.
    from Nellie

  7. Hi everyone, it’s Charli here!
    In one of the ways I model Attentive Listening is that I look at the person who’s talking. The most challenging agreement is personal best because sometimes I rush and don’t show care for my work. Which agreement do you find easy?
    Your blog buddy,

  8. Hello everyone!
    The Tribe agreement that I think I show is Personal Best, even though its hard sometimes I always persist at trying my hardest in whatever I do.
    A Tribe agreement that I find hard is Personal Best as well because I’m not that great at handwriting and I think I could do better.

  9. Hi Everyone,
    I show mutual respect by being kind and respecting others. The agreement I find hard is reflection because I don’t really like standing up in front and sharing my thoughts of people. I wonder what areement you model and the one you find hard?
    From Grace

  10. Hello eyeryone
    My name is Minnie and one of the tribes agreements that I find challenging is reflection because I have’t had much experience in reflection.
    And one of the agreements that I show is personal best.
    I show this by not giving up when things go wrong, and running out of time, I still try to get it finshed.

    from Minnie

  11. Hi Everyone,
    I show attentive listening by looking at the person speaking and take in what they are saying. The agreement I find the hardest is reflection because we don’t really use it that much.
    From Livia.

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