Our first week back at school

Well what a fantastic week we have had back at school. The weather was very kind to us and was not too hot. It is lovely to have our new grades. Mr Ahearn and I are very pleased to see you all looking so happy and especially pleased to see you all settle so well into your new classes.

Our week included a wide range of Tribes activities that focused on building inclusion within our grades. We had many laughs and found out lots of information about each other. Some of the activities included, “I like my neighbour”, “Two on a crayon”, “Ideal classroom”, “Partner introduction”, “Two truths and a lie”, “T-shirt outline” and a few other energisers that got us out of our chairs and moving around our new class.

Whose class are you in?

What was your favourite activity?

Why do you think it is important to use inclusion activities at this time of the year?