Barwon Waste Wise Centre

Waste Wise Centre

By Josie.

Waste, waste, waste. There’s just too much of it. So the 3\4’s went to the Barwon Water Waste Wise Education Centre to find out more about waste.

At the moment, the 3\4’s are working on environment so we went to the waste wise centre to find out more.

It was a very fun place, where everyone had a job. First, I went to the room with Helen, one of the teachers. She told us about the pollution that comes out of storm water drains. On one of the activities, we had some cards in a group and we had to make a story or a play out of it. I got medicine pollution, when people drop their medications.

Our water catchment

Our water catchment

Next it was time to go with Graeme, who showed us about landfill and what to put in which bin. We first went to a room designed as landfill. There were lots of levers and questions. After that we went upstairs and watched a movie about putting the right things in the right bin. It was a great movie!! Finally we went to another room and Graeme told us how electricity is made. Everyone had a little job with the making of electricity. Then we had enough time to find out about Solar Panels and Wind Turbines.The journey to make electricity

Basically , the main message is not to litter and to go green!

It was a great day and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it!!

What were some of the important things you found out and how can you make a difference to help our Earth?