Preparing for 2014 – Transition

This year’s Grade 4 children have started their final independent task for this year. They are drafting and planning a brochure that is titled “What I want my Grade 5 teacher to know about me.” This topic seems to have really got many of them thinking about moving across into the Grade 5 /6 learning studio. Good luck everyone! We are sure there will be some very creative, highly individual brochures created.

This week the Grade 2 and Grade 3 children joined together to have lunch in the learning common. This is the first stage of our transition program to assist the Grade 2 children’s transition from the Early years into the Middle Years of schooling.

The children ate lunch, chatted and mingled with each other. It was relaxed and informal allowing children to stay back and chat with teachers and or with students after they had eaten.

During the next couple of weeks the children will again be brought together as a group and explore  a range of activities. These activities will include inclusion activities taken from Tribes, an information session run by this years Grade three students, a literacy, numeracy, ICT and art session that will also provide opportunities for children to familiarise themselves with the new classrooms, new classmates and new teachers.

Well.. ready…set, then…. Let’s GO!

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Making Santa and reindeer paper chains with a special appreciation message for our 2014 Grade 3 students.

What a fabulous, co-operative group of students. We are so looking forward to the beginning of our new school year!

What are you looking forward to at school this year?