Sports/hobbies that we are involved in…

Will, Jhye and Isaac have come up with the idea to open new pages that will include some of the classes sports and hobbies that they enjoy outside of school hours. We hope that you enjoy this new addition toΒ our 3/4 class blog.

25 thoughts on “Sports/hobbies that we are involved in…

  1. Hi Blogging buddies,
    On Tuesday Frankie, Lucy & Charlie ran a stall in student market. We sold Christmas chocolates, mini puddings & Santa heads. Our stall raised about $30. Everyone had a Magnificent time. The whole school raised about $380!The money will go to the Geelong Hospital. If you ran a stall what would you sell?
    from Lucy and Charlie πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Ella & Georgia,
    Thanks for publishing you comment on our blog. My favorite sport is soccer & football.
    What is your favorite outdoor game at school?
    From, Michael.

  3. Hi people of the world,
    My favorite sports are, running, surfing, gymnastics, swimming and soccer. I do these on either the weekends or after school. I also do acting on Thursdays and we do plays during the year. I also do singing, piano and guitar lessons. What sports or lessons you do during the week?
    From, Nellie

  4. Hey blogging buddies,
    My favourite sport is cricket because there’s so much excitement in the game like 6’s, 4’s and amazing catches. I appreciate my cricket team for trying hard all season long.
    What is your favourite sport?

  5. Hello,
    Don’t you just think doing sports is great?
    Well I sure do. Just spending time outside with friends and family is a great way to play sports.
    I like doing Basketball, dancing and tennis.
    Peace out

  6. Hi people of the world,
    I’d just like to thank Mrs Geil for being a really good and fun sports teacher, she is a good multi tasker.
    My favourite sports are: Swimming, Horse riding, Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Footy and finally running!
    I appreciate all the people who have been really nice and kind to me over term two. The term has been really great with Mr Ahearn and Mrs V.
    From your friend,
    Amali. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi people,
    our favourite sports are surfing, netball and gymnastics. One of the most important things about sports are getting fit.
    We appreciate our teachers for helping as getting better at sport.
    What sports do you play?
    From Bella, Sophie and Sophie

  8. Hi dudes,
    I appreciate all the people that don’t sook to the umpires all the time!
    My favourite sports are Football, Basketball and soccer. What is your favourite sport?
    by for now

  9. Hi,
    My favorite sports and hobbies are tree climbing, (if that’s a sport) acting, singing, swimming and playing soccer.
    What sports or hobbies do you do in your spare time?

  10. Hello,
    Our favourite hobbies are art, tree climbing and being out in the world
    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Ella & Georgia

  11. Hello people of the world,
    My favourite sports and hobbies are horse riding, surfing, running, skating and swimming.
    I appreciate my mum and dad letting me have horses.
    I enjoy climbing trees and doing chart wheels.
    What are your favourite sports and hobbies?

    From your blogging buddy,

  12. Hi peeps,
    I love that we’re starting up our blogs again.
    My favourite sport is AFL because it is a really active sport and you have to run a lot.
    I like the idea of kicking and tackling mostly because it is just really fun. I also like that it is a team sport and everyone gets the ball, also that you have to work together.
    What is your favourite sport or hobby?
    I appreciate that we are starting our class blog again.
    Your blogging buddy Callum.

  13. Whats up?
    I love sport my most favroute sport is cricket .
    I think I’m a really good bowler.
    My batting isn’t so good.
    Peace out,

  14. Hi people of the world,
    Sport is so much fun!!!
    What is your favourite school?
    My favourite sport is swimming, netball, basketball, tennis and lots other sports to do with the water.
    What are your favourite sports or hobbies?
    From your blogging buddy,

  15. Hello to all the people out there,
    I’m not very good at sport, but I do swimming lessons every Tuesday. I like swimming because it is really fun and you don’t have to be the most athletic person to do it. What is your favourite sport out of all the sports that you like and why is it your favourite?
    from your blogger Lucy πŸ™‚ C!

  16. Hello Everyone,
    I think sport is great fun!
    The sport I like to play is basketball, swimming and most of all running.
    I hope everyone else can tell me what sport they like to play. Sport is very good for you.
    From Livia.

  17. Hello Eliza,
    I agree, sports are so much fun!!!
    My favouites are surfing, swimming, footy, basketball, running and you get the picture that I like all sorts of sports.
    If you had to pick out one of all of those sports, which one would it be?
    From your blogging buddy,
    Sabrina πŸ˜‰

  18. Hello Everyone,
    Playing sport is so much fun!
    I like playing soccer, netball, basketball but I love swimming.
    What is your favourite sport?
    Keep blogging,

  19. Hi people of the world it’s me again.
    I love sports but I’m not good at all the sports I like.
    I’m ok at football and basketball but the sports I’m good at is cricket,soccer, swimming- oh, and bike riding.
    From Archie.

  20. Hi guys,
    It is very sad because tommorow we play our last game of footy. I am also very proud cause I am 5 th in goal kicking and the team that we’re versing this week has a player that is 3 goals ahead of my sitting at 4th. Hopefully I finish 4th.
    Thanks for reading my comment.
    What sport do you play?
    From your best mate Jhye.

  21. Hi earthlings it’s me again,
    I love sport some sports that I do are little athletics, footy, swimming and triathalons.
    What sports do you play?
    from your out of space bloging buddie,

  22. Hi everyone,
    It’s us again.
    This is from round 6 to round 10.
    Round 6 Newcomb Blue 4.4.28 Queenscliff Blue 13.14 92.
    Round 7 Winchelsea 1.2.8 Queenscliff Blue 11.14 80.
    Round 8 Queenscliff Blue 12.13 85 Torquay McMahon 0.1 1.
    Round 9 Toquay Shearer 1.2 8 Queenscliff Blue 5.8.38
    Round 10 Queenscliff Blue 14.7.91 OGCC White 0.1 1.
    Thanks again for reading our results and we will be going until round 16.
    From Isaac, Will and Jhye.

  23. Hi,
    Sorry we ment Queenscliff Blue 6.6 42 Queenscliff Red 4.4 28.
    Isaac, Jhye and Will.

  24. Hi everyone,
    As we said we would put Queenscliff Blue’s fixture and results up.
    We are going to tell you all of the results and fixture 5 rounds a day.
    Round 1 Queenscliff Blue 6.6 48 Queenscliff Red 4.4 24.
    Round 2 Queenscliff Blue 15.7 97 OGCC White 3.0 18.
    Round 3 Lara 9.9 63 Queenscliff Blue 6.8 44.
    Round 4 Queenscliff Blue 8.7 55 Southe Barwon 1 1.4 10.
    Rounnd 5 Torquay McMahon 0.1 1 Queenscliff Blue 13.11 89.
    There is our first 5 rounds thankyou for reading our comment.
    What sport do you play?
    From Isaac, Will and Jhye.

  25. Hi everyone,
    The sports that I like to play out of scool is footy.
    I play for Ocean Grove Cobras Orange.
    Tonight I’m playing Portarlington at Portarlington. I am excited because I’m playing a Friday night game at 6.00pm.
    What sports do you like?
    from James

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