Story time!

This week we are beginning to plan for success! Plan what, you may ask? We are starting a new Literacy task “Story writing”. Yes, Mr Ahearn and Mrs V have asked us to write a narrative story that, once published, will be shared with the students in Grades Prep-2.

Our stories aren’t going to be just any stories though, they will include important messages that we hope will help the younger children as they experience some of life’s little hiccups called “growing up!”

So, here we go…launching ourselves into another wonderful week of learning!

Β To help us plan for success we visited bubble.usΒ to create a mind map. Mind maps are a way to plan and organise our thoughts prior to writing.

We need to think about what message we want to teach the younger students, look at characters, a setting, events that occur in a logical sequence, a problem that arises and also a resolution to that problem.

Boy, we are going to be busy, busy, busy!

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A BIG thanks to Jen for allowing us to post her story graph on our blog to help us plan for success.

Jen McVeity 2011

3 thoughts on “Story time!

  1. Hello people of the world,
    It’s Eliza here
    I love the blog.
    Writing story’s is so much fun I can’t wait to finish it and share it with the prep to two’s.
    What is your story about?
    From your blogging buddy,
    Eliza :);)

  2. Hi everybody,
    We are very lucky that Jen let us use her story graph.
    I wonder if the grade five and sixes used it for house plays?
    From Tom

  3. Hi everybody,
    I’m so excited to read everyone’s story. I am also excited to read our stories to the Prep 1’s and 2’s. My story is about friendship and not to be mean. What’s your story going to be about?
    From Leilani

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