Integrated Curriculum

These movies have been created by us using


Our movies show the dreams that we have created to help protect our environment and make the world a better place.

We would like to thank our friend Vincent for helping us upload the movies onto our class blog!





11 thoughts on “Integrated Curriculum

  1. Hi everyone,
    I really like all the movies that the 3/4’s made.
    I think they all are really good!
    Do you want to make more movies?

  2. Hi everyone,
    I wish I was there to make the movies with you. I hope they will make a big difference!!!

  3. Hi people,
    I really like all of the movies. I do not have a favourite movie, they are all really good. What is your favourite movie?

  4. Hi everyone,
    Thank you to Vincent for putting up all our movies on our blog. I liked the movies a lot and I don’t have a favourite because they all were fantastic. Did you like watching the movies?
    From Max P

  5. Some great work appearing here. I would love to know which project you would continue in 2014?

  6. Hi everyone,
    I really like your movies they are very good.
    How did you think of making your movies?

  7. Hi everyone, it’s Josie here,
    Everyone did such a great job on their movies. I’m sure they will make a BIG difference!
    My movie is about some girls who drop a piece of rubbish. The rubbish goes on a little adventure. The movie is called The Rubbish Cycle.
    What’s your movie about?
    From your blogging buddy,
    Josie. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
    PS. I don’t have a favourite movie, I love them all!

  8. Hi guys,
    you did a fantastic job I loved them, lots of thinking during these movies. One question, if you could change anything what would you change and why?

    from Max M’s dad

  9. Hi 3\4 students of Point Lonsdale Primary Shcool,
    Great movies everyone. I liked how we could work as a group and agree most of the time. What did you enjoy about making the movies?

  10. I really liked how every one tried their hardest when making the movies.
    I am sure that people will see what we are actually trying to do!
    Can you see what our messages are?
    From Lily

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