Sites for learning

Here are some websites that we have found interesting and we have used to help us discover more about the world in which we live.

A website developed by Jane Millington as part of Guardianship of the Borough project.



See our environmental chants here.

39 thoughts on “Sites for learning

  1. Hi Louis,
    I enjoyed listening to those AWESOME slogan’s!!!!!
    They really inspired me!
    I enjoyed it all too.
    What do you think where going to do next?
    From your blogging friend
    Sabrina πŸ˜€

  2. Hi everyone,
    Here are some of my slogan’s about the environment.

    Our air, our tree, our life.

    Cut down the tree, cut down me.

    I really enjoyed getting to write about the environment. Have you enjoyed working on and learning about the environment?

    By Louis. πŸ˜€

  3. Hi bloggers,
    Want to here my chant?
    Environment keep it green.
    Environment don’t drop rubbish.
    Environment too much rubbish.
    Environment want it clean.

  4. Surf beach love that wave
    Surf beach have some fun
    Surf beach dig sand up
    Surf beach surf good waves

    from Isaac

  5. Hi everyone,
    This is my acrostic poem.
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    You are responsible for Earth!


  6. Ozone layer helps our earth.
    Ozone layer saves our earth.
    Ozone layer has some holes.

  7. Being green, plant a tree.
    Being green, don’t litter.
    Being green, save our earth.
    Being green, do your part.

  8. Hi Eyeryone,
    My name is Minnie and this is my chant.
    Surf beach, big green waves.
    Surf beach, fun to play!
    Surf beach, stay all day.
    Surf beach, keep it clean!

  9. Ozone layer getting destroyed.

    Ozone layer protect earth.

    Ozone layer protect use.

    Ozone layer stop destroying.

  10. Point Lonnie love it .

    Point Lonnie keep it clean.

    Point Lonnie goes green.

    Point Lonnie isn’t mean.

  11. To my class mates,
    Live green – be clean.
    Live green – hug trees.
    Live green – re-use.
    Live green – be true!

    by Freya and Claire

  12. My chants start here…
    Grow, grow not die.
    Save the animals.
    Grow more trees for me.
    Start small, end big!
    by Lily

  13. Hi Josie,
    It’s Max again. I’ve got another chant.
    Ozone layer, protect it.
    Ozone layer, be global.
    Ozone layer, don’t kill it.
    Ozone layer, don’t pollute.

    by Max

  14. Hi my name is Kade and this is my Environmentel slogan:

    Chop down the trees – don’t get to breathe!

  15. Enviroment
    Reduce, re-use, re-cycle
    You are resposibile for Earth!

    by Thomas

  16. Hi Josie,
    great chants. Want to hear mine?
    pollution – litter
    pollution – very bad
    pollution – don’t do it!
    pollution – stop it NOW!

    by Max

  17. Our earth save our earth
    Our earth – needs some help
    Our earth – save water
    Our earth – save our trees

    by Thomas

    Rubbish – very bad
    Rubbish – stop it!
    Rubbish – not green
    Rubbish – no no no!

    by Louis

  18. Point Lonsdale Keep it clean
    Point Lonsdale Keep the sun
    Point Lonsdale Surf the beach
    Point Lonsdale Good and fun

    By Charli

    Being green – Plant more trees
    Being green – Save our world
    Being green – Keep it fresh
    Being green – Keep it live!

    By Livia

    Our Earth – Our world
    Our Earth – Our home
    Our Earth – Our mess
    Our Earth – Our life!

    By Sandra

  19. Point Lonsdale. Is clean.
    Point Lonsdale. Has waves.
    Point Lonsdale. Good beach.
    Point Lonsdale. Big waves.

  20. No tree no me.
    Our world is not a bin.
    Help our world be plastic bag free.
    You can help save the world too.
    You can fix the world too.
    Help us take the message on.
    All the world needs is some love!

    by Lily

  21. Being green, plant a tree.
    Being green, reduce our litter.
    Being green, pick it up!
    Being green, save the earth!

  22. Surf beach, love that wave.
    Surf beach, have some fun.
    Surf beach, kick sand up.
    Surf beach, surf good waves
    by Isaac

  23. Being green plant a tree
    Being green keep it clean
    Being green go go go
    Being green save our world
    By Oscar

  24. There once was a man called Bruce,
    And he always liked to reduce
    One day he did the wrong thing
    The police siren went ”Bring, bring”
    and now all he drinks is juice!

    by Alannah

  25. Our earth, our trees
    Our earth, our sea
    Our earth, our air
    Our earth, our life
    By Lashaea and Telisha

  26. Point Lonsdale Nice blue waves
    Point Lonsdale Clean fresh air
    Point Lonsdale Golden sand
    Point Lonsdale Is our home

    by Charlotte

  27. Point Lonsdale cool night
    Point Lonsdale nice beach
    Point Lonsdale nice sight
    Point Lonsdale good view
    by Leilani

  28. ENVIRONMENT Save the world
    ENVIRONMENT Love nature
    ENVIRONMENT Let it go
    ENVIRONMENT Clean the world!

  29. Hi Everyone,
    I’m Eliza and this is my chant:
    Our earth, needs some help,
    Our earth, care for it,
    Our Earth, will be clean,
    Our earth, let’s go green!!
    By Eliza. πŸ˜‰

  30. Point Lonnie nice and green
    Point Lonnie good for me
    Point Lonnie go and surf
    Point Lonnie in the sun!

    By Alannah

  31. The ice is melting, the trees are going
    Make it fair or it we’ll be going!
    by Anna

    Good brains equals Good environment!
    by Angelica

  32. Hi everyone,
    My name is Josie and this is my chant:
    Surf beach Love the waves,
    Surf beach Have some fun
    Surf beach Clean rock pools
    Surf beach Save the Surf!
    If you like my style of writing please vistit my blog:
    From your blogging buddy,
    Josie. πŸ˜‰

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