“Randal the budgie” and “Phillipa the parrot”

Three very happy students holding our very tame pet friends.

Three very happy students holding our very tame pet friends.

Towards the end of last term many of you met our new classroom additions, Randal and Phillipa.

These very quiet and friendly birds have come into our classroom and will, along with the lava lamps, be allocated to the special tables who follow our Tribes Agreements during the week.

Look out! The fun is about to begin…

Visit these links below to find out more about Randal and Phillipa’s families



Can you find out more information about these beautiful, unique Australian birds?

lava lamps     lava lamps    lava lamps    lava lamps    lava lamps    lava lamps

Hey, guess what we have now?

If you leave messages on our class blog you could be the lucky weekly recipient of your own personal lava lamp at your work table for a whole week!

What you have to do to be eligible

1. Post Quality comments – (see in tab)

2.  Make sure you have correct spelling and punctuation.

3. Have you checked your grammar? Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

4. Have you finished your post with a question?



Australian History story dating back over 50 000 years


On Friday we had two very clever men perform an act (role play) that described Australian History from the very beginning when the Indigenous people roamed the country.

The story included:

Captain James Cook, the First Fleet, voting rights, famous Australian sporting legends, women’s rights, Government structure and the many changes throughout time,  previous Prime Ministers, The Goldrush and the Eureka uprising  and much, much more.


Eureka Flag


Name something you learnt about Australian History.

Did you enjoy the performance? (why/ why not)

Although there was a comical side to this performance, what do you think was the purpose of a show such as this?

Science, experiments, learning and heaps of fun too!


 Last week, Fiona came and spent time showing us some crazy science experiments!

It was so fun!

Experiment number 1: What happens when you add heaps of salt and food dye to one container of water, a little bit of salt and food dye to another and just  food dye to plain water to the third container?

Experiment number 2: What happens when you add bicarb-soda and vinegar in different sized containers with food dye?

We think the following photographs will explain our discoveries…


What did you enjoy the most during our “mini science”expo?

Can you explain what you learnt doing your experiment?

Why is it important that we learn about science in Primary School?

Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

 Hi people of the world. I loved Narana, it was so fun! First we got to throw boomerangs. Mine didn’t go far at all, but Mr Ahearn’s throw, WOW! It went so far.

Then we did a nature walk. We got to eat pigface, which was a plant that hydrated you. Then we tried another plant that tasted like lettuce (I forget what it was called)

.Next our tour guide, Kirsten, showed us a really good shelter made of wood, leaves and sticks and met the resident emus. I saw Oliver sitting on the nest. He didn’t have his head up so he looked like a rock.

In the main room we looked at all the artefacts. There were all sorts of boomerangs and spears and all that cool stuff. Here comes the best part…….. Finally the cooked kangaroo was ready, and Yum, it was so good!

Then we looked at Aboriginal paintings in the gallery and the guide told us the moral of one painting which was , “share and don’t be greedy”.

We then looked at things in the shop such as different types of boomerangs and didgeridoos and I loved the double didgeridoo and the flash light boomerang. Lyndon showed us how to play the didgeridoo.

We then had lunch and sadly, it was time to go back to school. I really loved Narana.

From Archie

What did you enjoy the most at Narana?

Did you learn something new about the Indigenous culture?

How did Indigenous Australians survive before Europeans came to live in Australia?

Stay tuned more photographs on the way!

G.K.R. Karate

Hi ya it’s karate time! 

In 3/4 ab three of our students have been practicing their karate skills at G.K.R. Karate ,in the Ocean Grove Dojo. We learn many kicks, strikes, and blocks while having fun! If you’r  wondering G.K.R. stands for Go Kan Ryu. (it’s Japanese.) Here’s their website: www.gkrkarate.com

Have you ever done karate?

Would you ever join and why?

Lucy and Scarlett

Queenscliff Blue fixture and results.

Hi guys,

This is our new page about Queenscliff Blue’s fixture and results.

Every week we will tell you about who we are going to verse and the fixtures and results.

We think we have been going well with our footy.

We have only lost one game against Lara by 19 points.

We would like you to tell us what your favourite sport is?

From your best classmates,

Will, Isaac and Jhye.

Famous People

Currently our grade 3/4 classes are researching famous people from History using “Encarta Kids” as our main source of information.

Here is the research process that we are following as we write Information Reports:

1. Finding the person who we are interested in.

2. Reading through the text.

3. Using a note taking sheet select key words and jot them down in dot point form.

4. Using the key words and then we then reconstruct sentences into our own words.

5. We then select an image.

6. Finally we edit our work, publish it using the computer or our best handwriting and then write the reference to show where we found our information.

  • Who is the famous person you have selected to research?
  • Why was he/she famous?
  • What type of person do you think they were? Explain your reasons