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rock lobster54520-work-Blue_ringed_octopusOn Tuesday the 17th of November 3/4 A and B went down to the Marine Discovery Centre in Queenscliff.

Firstly we went to look at all the fish and the sea  in the Centre, some sea creatures we saw were the Rock Lobster and the Globefish/Puffer fish. Some facts that we learnt was that the rock Lobster lays 400,000 thousand eggs at a time in Spring. Also, that the female Rock Lobster has a fifth forked claw so when she lays it’s eggs it uses the forked claw to put the eggs underneath it’s tail.

 After about ten minutes of looking around the Marine Discovery Centre we all gathered around the touch tank to see and touch all the sea creatures in there. Some sea creatures we saw were crabs, sea stars, seaweed, shark eggs and we were lucky to see an exoskeleton of a hermit crab.

After the touch tank we went into a room with a television and we watched a video of a sea horse have babies. It lays 200 to 300 eggs into the males pouch then the male would keep the baby sea horses for 2 weeks and then let them into the ocean. After that video we went into the classroom to do some drawings of what animals we saw in the Marine Discovery Centre or some animals in the classroom. What is your favourite sea creature?

By Callum

6 thoughts on “Marine Discovery Centre

  1. Hi people of the world,
    Have you heard 3/4 A and B went down to the Marine Discovery Center?
    We had loads of fun.
    Some of the things we did were touching in the touch tank, looking at the different sea animals and last of all sketching whatever we want in the Borough Of Queenscliff.
    I appreciate the friends of the marine discovery center for organizing the excursion.
    From your blogging buddy Helen.

  2. Hi people of the world,
    I enjoyed the Marine Discovery Centre lots.
    I’d like to thank the friends of the Marine Discovery Centre for paying for us to go.
    My favorite thing, was seeing a male fish protect the female and there eggs.
    What was your favorite fact?

    From Kailah

  3. Hi peeps of the world it’s Olivia here,
    Our day at the Marine Discovery Centre was great
    My favourite fact was that a whale eats forty million plankton a day.
    What is you favourite marine animal
    Olivia out 😉

  4. Hi people of the world,
    It was awesome going to explore the Marine Discovery Centre and we all had a great time there.
    I appreciate all the teachers at school, the staff at the M.D.C and my friends for walking down there with me.
    I learnt that rock lobster have a exoskeleton.
    Did you have fun Lonnie class mates.
    Peace out

  5. Hi Blogging buddies,
    The fact that I liked best at the Marine Discovery Centre was that aluminium cans takes 200-500 years to disintegrate.
    I really appreciate friends of the Marine Discovery Centre for paying for us to go.
    What was your favourite fact you learnt?
    From, Michael.

  6. Hey blogging buddies,
    I really enjoyed the Marine Discovery Centre. Some facts I really liked was about the Rock Lobster. Rock Lobsters lay 400,000 thousand eggs that was amazing! Also the female seahorse lays it’s eggs in the males pouch.
    My favourite animal is the Rock Lobster.
    What is your favourite animal?
    From Callum

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