Athletics day

Hey everybody,

Last Tuesday the whole school had Athletics day. There were lots events that we had to compete in. We were divided into age groups. The first event that we did was the egg and spoon race. What we had to do was get a wooden spoon and had a fake egg on top and we had to balance it on the spoon on the basketball court up to the half way line and then back to the start.

The second event that we did was the sack race were we had a sack and we had to stand in it and then bounce up to the end and the first two from each heat went into the finals there were about six in each heat. If we got into the finals there was another heat of six and the first three to cross the finish would win a first, second and third place ribbon.

After that we went down to the sand pit to do limbo. What we had to do was try to see how low you could go to get under the stick. The three people that got the lowest would win a 1, 2 or 3 place ribbon. Some people that did not win but try’d their personal best would get a well done certificate.

the next event we did was sprints were we got into a heat of four and the first two to get across the finish line would make it into the finals. In the finals there was one heat of six and the first three to get across the finish line will get a 1, 2 or 3 place ribbon. Some people that did not won but that try’d their personal best would get a well done certificate.

Soon after that we went to the sand pit to do long jump everyone lined up in a line and who ever got the furthest would stand in a line of the top three furthest. There was a mat and if you jumped over the mat we would get a false jump and we would have another turn at winning. The people that did not get a place but try’d their personal best would get a well done certificate.

The next event that we did was the potato race were there were some mini bean bags and we had to put them in the three hoops and then we had to sprint back to the start an the first two back would go into the finals to see who would win. In the finals the first three done would get a ribbon. Some people that try’d there personal best would get a well done certificate.

After that we had hurdles were we had a practise run then we did the real thing the heats were groups of three and the first one done would go into the finals. Then in the finals the first 3 to finish one a ribbon.

After that we had shot put were we had to push a 2 kilo ball as far as we can and were it bounces that is how far you get it and then the three furthest people win a ribbon.

After that was the long distance run and we had to run a few laps of the oval and the first 3 done one a ribbon.

Next we had the relays and the first 3 teams done would win a ribbon.

Then they tallied up the scores and blue house won. Then green house came second. Red house came third, finally, yellow house came fourth.

Written by Cal


Marine Discovery Centre

rock lobster54520-work-Blue_ringed_octopusOn Tuesday the 17th of November 3/4 A and B went down to the Marine Discovery Centre in Queenscliff.

Firstly we went to look at all the fish and the sea  in the Centre, some sea creatures we saw were the Rock Lobster and the Globefish/Puffer fish. Some facts that we learnt was that the rock Lobster lays 400,000 thousand eggs at a time in Spring. Also, that the female Rock Lobster has a fifth forked claw so when she lays it’s eggs it uses the forked claw to put the eggs underneath it’s tail.

 After about ten minutes of looking around the Marine Discovery Centre we all gathered around the touch tank to see and touch all the sea creatures in there. Some sea creatures we saw were crabs, sea stars, seaweed, shark eggs and we were lucky to see an exoskeleton of a hermit crab.

After the touch tank we went into a room with a television and we watched a video of a sea horse have babies. It lays 200 to 300 eggs into the males pouch then the male would keep the baby sea horses for 2 weeks and then let them into the ocean. After that video we went into the classroom to do some drawings of what animals we saw in the Marine Discovery Centre or some animals in the classroom. What is your favourite sea creature?

By Callum