Our environment

Hi blogging buddies,

All the Grade 3 /4’s from Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff Primary Schools Β are working on our own school blogs.

We are studying different topics however, both of them have to do with the environment.

Within our Solar System there is “Our Earth”. Planet Earth is a beautiful place yet we need to give it some of our help!

We hope that this post will show you how we can “Think Globally by acting Locally”.

Can you please help us?

We would appreciate if you could help us on our quest to make our world a better place.


the Young Earthlings of the Worlds (Grade 3/4’s)

18 thoughts on “Our environment

  1. Hello to the world,
    I really appreciate everyone who has been looking after our environment and it makes a big difference on our environment.
    On the 15th off February we had Tim Silverwood come to our school to talk about our school.
    Tim showed us some videos and photos or our environment.
    The grade 3/4s then went back and brainstormed ideas in ways we could help the environment.
    If you haven’t been picking up rubbish and not leaving your foot prints please do so.
    Olivia πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Hi blogging buddies it’s Olivia here,
    my favourite activity/sport is dancing. I do commercial dancing which is a mix of jazz and hip hop.
    What’s your favourite type of dance style?
    Peace out Olivia πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Hello,
    My favourite sports are basket ball, tennis and surfing because it’s great fun playing sports with friends and family.
    I would like to thank everyone for teaching me how to play those sports.
    Also it’s fun to meet new people playing sports.

  4. Hi blogging buddies it’s Olivia,
    For the past couple of days we have been writing letters to Tim Silverwood ( an environmentalist) and the Borough of Queenscliff. Once we finished the letters we designed slogans and we might be making the slogans into stickers.
    Peace out

  5. Hey guys ,
    Our environment is awesome right. Let’s do the best to fix the changes we’ve made. THANKS!
    From Mila

  6. Hi peeps of the world it’s Olivia here,
    My favourite sports are tennis, basketball and swimming, but what I mostly like is dancing.
    I would like to thank everyone who organises such wonderful sports.
    Do you like playing and type of sport?
    your blogging buddy Olivia

  7. Hi,
    Don’t you think we are lucky well not just lucky very lucky because our environment.
    It’s a beautiful place to live.
    But there is still rubbish.
    It’s hard sometimes to think about our environment and the world.
    Don’t you think in Summer the sunset is amazing?
    Thanks for helping our environment.
    your blogging buddy Bella

  8. Hi,
    I hope you have a great holiday but please remember to not to litter.
    Thanks for being so much help and its not just me saying thanks its my animals saying it too.
    Have you enjoyed working all about the environment?
    Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi,
    Don’t you just love our local environment?
    Well I know I do.
    Just one thing I would change.
    The rubbish!
    I guess we have change it a bit but not enough.
    What should we do?
    I appreciate all my Lonnie 3/4 friends for trying not to litter and pick up as much rubbish as they can.
    Blogging buddy Bella

  10. Hi there peeps of the world it’s Olivia here,
    We all appreciate you for caring for the environment, but we still have some litter floating around our town.
    If you haven’t been helping out could you please do so.
    What are your strategies to help care for the environment?

  11. Hi blogging buddies,
    My favourite sports are Basketball, Tennis and Footy.
    What are your favourite sports?
    I appreciate my Tennis coach because he teaches me amazing skills.
    from Mila

  12. Hi Blogging Buddies,
    One way we can help our environment is to only leave our foot prints and no rubbish. We hope you will help us. Can we get the whole world to help us? We would really appreciate if you could make the world a better place.

  13. Hi people of the word,
    I appreciate Mrs.V, Mr.Ahearn and Mrs.A for organising the Environmental Day.
    There were a whole lot of activities. The activities were rubbish obstacle course, planting and getting “Connies Collectable Cards,” that showed us information about natures flora and fauna.
    Do you look after the environment like you should?

  14. Hi peeps of the world, Tyler here.
    My top 6 favourite sports are AFL football, Cricket, NBA basketball, Running, Soccer and Rugby.
    I appreciate my parents for volunteering for coach and team manager because it helps the team and dad knows what it feels like playing.
    If you had a favourite sport what is it?
    Bye peeps of the world from,

  15. Hello,
    Our environment is an important part of our life. We need to help the environment and make it a better place for all of us even the animals too.
    I appreciate all of the good people who help and protect the environment.
    How would you make a difference?
    What are you doing to help the environment?

  16. Hi people of the world,
    Don’t you think our environment is a wonderful place to live?
    We appreciate all our Lonnie classmates for helping our environment clean .
    Bella and Sophie

  17. Hello,
    I appreciate all the people who take care of our Earth.
    I love Earth but it could be a better place.
    We all need to stop littering.
    What do you think about our environment?

    Georgia out

  18. Hello to the world,
    We really appreciate all the people on ” Our Earth” who help and care for this wonderful place we call home.
    If you haven’t been doing you fair share of looking after the environment please do so.
    What do YOU do to help our environment?

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