Counting the sleeps until Christmas holidays…

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“It is finally Summer in Australia Yay!”

Look out beach here we come,

soaked in sunscreen with our bathers on.

Only a few weeks until holidays,

no more school just relaxing days.

As the year draws to a close,

I sniff as tears run to meet my nose.

No more school, no work, no slog!

But, make sure you continue to follow our Β blog!

A little poem by Mrs V to remind you of how fun learning can be!


The “Borough of Queenscliffe” has some exciting things in store for us…

Hey, did you realise Mr Ahearn and Mrs V disappeared the other day?

Well, the photos will tell you where they went. All we can say is start getting excited. Yes, very, very excited!

Here is a little sneek peek of one thing they got up too!

Can you guess where they went?

Why do you think they visited this special place in the”Borough of Queenscliffe?”

Which photograph is your favourite/Why?

Biological Science- making terrariums



Mr Long and Ms. Elmer go out with a BANG!

Last week Mr Long and Ms. Elmer worked together and we made terrariums in science.

We had lots of fun. We cut up plastic bottles and re-used them as the house for our plants.

Mr Long brought in one of his terrariums to show us. Ms. Elmer bought in a picture of a 40 year old terrarium that has only been watered once.


We were very busy and had lots of fun too!

Thank you Mr Long and Ms. Elmer for taking such fun science lessons.

What did you find out during this science lesson?

Why is it important to modify and change things at times?

Where is your terrarium now and how is it going?

Why is it important to do science lessons?