Mr Long

Mr Long was with us on the first day of school this year.
He has visited us 3 times this year and is certainly an important part of our grade 3/4 classes.

3 thoughts on “Mr Long

  1. Hi Mrs. V,
    That looks so much like Sabrina.
    I hope Mr. Long has a good future in teaching.
    I wish Mr. Long could stay for longer, it would be so so fun.
    My favourite thing to do with Mr. Long was science.
    What was yours?
    From Elise. 🙂

  2. Hey Mrs V,
    I hope Mr Long had a cool time whith us.
    I wish him a awesome future.
    Can you tell me if he is going good?
    From Looooooola

  3. Hey Mrs V,
    Love the photo, it’s so so so funny!!!!!
    I wonder if anyone knows it’s me?!!!
    I bet you they do!!
    From your blogging buddy
    Sabrina ;D

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