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  1. Hello humans of the world,
    A huge thanks Ms Elma for organising and putting the objects in the mini clear plastic cups.
    It was super fun guessing and thinking what the things in the cups were(etc… one the the things in the mini plastic cup was candle wax, another was Woolley string)
    I was in a group with Alannah, Grace and Lily, we all worked well together, we all said what we thought it was and if we didn’t all agree we took turns at looking at what it really was and finally found out what it really was.
    I had heaps of fun and could happily do it again.
    From your blogging buddy,

  2. Hello everyone,

    I really loved our science experiment on ordering the most soildest to the most liquidest. Very big thanks to Miss E for orgernising the science activity.
    I learnt that air was the most liquid and that the candle wax was the most soild.

    Well it’s for me to stop talking but it’s just the beginning for you😃😃😃

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