More fun with science!

Welcome back to Term 4, our final term for the 2014 school year!

We are so very fortunate to have Mr Long and Ms. Elmer come into our classrooms and spend their final school placement with us before they Graduate as fully qualified classroom teachers in 2015.

What better way to start the term than continuing on from the joy and excitement that we were all involved in with Fiona last term when we celebrated Science Week.

Our experiments included-

1.  Discovering and finding out more about sinking, floating and modifying our design briefs so that we could improve our original designs. We all made tin foil boats and many of us had to change our   boats so they could hold more weight and not sink.

2.  Looking and a range of substances and using our senses (minus smell and taste) and working out whether the objects were classified as solids or liquids. It was pretty hard to try and work out what some of the substances were but we were not allowed to smell or taste in case they were poisonous.

Can you explain what science is?

What is something you have learnt doing these experiments?

What has been the most enjoyable experience you have had working in science classes this week?

What have you found the most challenging moment during science classes?