Famous People

Currently our grade 3/4 classes are researching famous people from History using “Encarta Kids” as our main source of information.

Here is the research process that we are following as we write Information Reports:

1. Finding the person who we are interested in.

2. Reading through the text.

3. Using a note taking sheet select key words and jot them down in dot point form.

4. Using the key words and then we then reconstruct sentences into our own words.

5. We then select an image.

6. Finally we edit our work, publish it using the computer or our best handwriting and then write the reference to show where we found our information.

  • Who is the famous person you have selected to research?
  • Why was he/she famous?
  • What type of person do you think they were? Explain your reasons

“East Journey”, Indigenous band, visits PLPS

On Friday, we had the most amazing and incredible experience at school.

Mrs A had organised “East Journey”, to come Β to our school and not just visit, but to perform an incredible concert to all of us, some residents from Arcare, interested parents and other members from Β within our community.

“East Journey are a rock/reggae band from North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Formed in 2010 they combine modern and traditional music and sing in both english and language.”Β (Wikipedia)

After the stunning performance, Grade 3-6 students were treated to a special (Question and Answer session) where we all learned much about Indigenous life, customs, spirituality and kinmanship amongst the tribes in Arnhem Land.

The whole experience left many of us spellbound!

Explain what you learnt?

How did you feel during the performance?

Has our Integrated study related to Indigenous Australians helped you develop a greater understanding of the Aboriginal culture? (Explain)

Only four (4) more sleeps!

Where has the time gone this holidays?

We have only four more sleeps until we are back at school ready to take on Term 3.

What exciting things have you been up to during the holidays?

Have you been anywhere special?

Is there anything you have done for the first time (please – no bunge jumpers!)

Do you have any exciting plans during the last few days of holidays?

What is something that you are really looking forward to during term 3?

See you Soon!