Happy holidays

Is anyone going to Sydney in New South Wales?

If so, keep your eyes open!

What are your plans for this two week holiday break?
Are you travelling to anywhere of interest?
Do you have any great ideas to keep yourself busy and active?


 Today is the last day of Term 2. We are half way through our school year and there was no better time to learn a little more about “Reflection”.

What does reflection mean to you?

Why is it important to reflect upon our learning and other things that we do?

What have you discovered about yourself and others when you have reflected upon the first half of the school year?

ReflectionWhat is reflection?

“Reflection is the pelican that soars over Tribes.

Reflection is a wise bird who can describe just what she saw or heard while people worked together.

Reflection clears up confusion and helps everyone soar to greater heights”.

Reaching All by Creating TRIBES LEARNING COMMUNITIES” Jeanne Gibbs

Using an Atlas to navigate our world!

This week we have used an interactive online world map as well as a range of different Atlas reference books from our library, to find out lots of information about the world in which we live. Interactiveworldmap
Some of us have copied countries that appealed to us. Others have attempted to re-create the world map and label the countries, oceans and seas.
All of us have learnt the continents and oceans and can now relate and recognise the colours found on the Olympic rings.
We have travelled near and far with our learning and have travelled around the globe.
What have you enjoyed the most about working from the Atlas?
What is something that you have discovered while working with an Atlas?
Which country would you like to visit and why?

Haiku Poetry

Haiku poetry comes from the Japanese culture. 

To write a Haiku poem you work with 3 lines only!

Below are five photographs of rockpools. Can you write and post some Haiku poetry using these photographs as your stimulus?

The first line has 5 syllables

The second line has 7 syllables

The third line has 5 syllables

Cinquain Poetry


Here is  picture of a boat taken at Queenscliff Harbour, just on sunset.

Can you write and post a cinquain poem to share on our blog?

Structure of a Cinquain poem

Line1: A noun

Line2: Two adjectives

Line 3: Three -ing words

Line 4: A phrase

Line 5: Another word for the noun