Story starters

We are learning how to write ‘Sizzling starts” during writing time. Sizzling starts capture the readers attention and makes the reader want to read more.

We have discussed some sizzling starts begin with a sound “Bang, crash”, I slammed the car door and stormed off towards Blake’s house, he was not going to get away with it this time, I was going to make sure of that!


Some sizzling starts begin using dialogue such as “How many times have I told you, your little brother’s head is not to be used as a mop!”

Our next step, is to learn to write quick written responses to some very funny story starters. Use the link below to explore a fun way to create your very own story starters.

A brilliant start to the new school year!

Well, the wonderful thing about teaching is you just never quite know what a new day will bring.

Here is an example of a lovely situation that was a delightful surprise last week.

As we were getting ourselves ready to begin a new school day, I walked past a table of very organised students.

Boys, we have to congratulate you!

To be organised, sitting and waiting for your learning to begin at 8.45 a.m – I must say we were all very impressed to say the least.

Congratulations on stepping up and demonstrating excellent organisational and independent skills, not to mention initiative. 

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Jhye, Ned, George and Taane all ready to go - 15 minutes before the first bell! Go boys!

Jhye, Ned, George and Taane all ready to go – 15 minutes before the first bell!
Go boys!

You are all definitely role modelling outstanding organisation skills!

Why is it so important to learn to be organised?

What things could you do to develop your organisational skills at home?

In what way do you think you could step up now that you are in Grade 3 or Grade 4?

 Our first week back at school

Well what a fantastic week we have had back at school. The weather was very kind to us and was not too hot. It is lovely to have our new grades. Mr Ahearn and I are very pleased to see you all looking so happy and especially pleased to see you all settle so well into your new classes.

Our week included a wide range of Tribes activities that focused on building inclusion within our grades. We had many laughs and found out lots of information about each other. Some of the activities included, “I like my neighbour”, “Two on a crayon”, “Ideal classroom”, “Partner introduction”, “Two truths and a lie”, “T-shirt outline” and a few other energisers that got us out of our chairs and moving around our new class.

Whose class are you in?

What was your favourite activity?

Why do you think it is important to use inclusion activities at this time of the year?