“Kids Voice” – have a look!

The January edition of “Kids Voice”, has been published. In it is an article all about our Environmental mural. Follow the link below to see for yourself.

(page 11)


Well done to our four authors Β Telisha, Tahlia, Lashaea and Ryder who wrote letters to this magazine.

There is no doubt that our environmental message is really getting out there. Congratulations!

Thanks also, to Michele Mitten, for coming out to Lonnie and giving our project some broader publicity.

Jake the snake comes for cuddles!

Right, yes thanks for that Max and Justin!

Max decides to bring his pet snake, Jake to our morning community circle. Jake is a beautiful Diamond python. He was long and very wriggly.

When Jake the snake came to visit us in the last week of term we were all in for a BIG surprise. The photographs say it all.

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