Learning contracts

This week the children in our classes will be signing their third learning contract for this term. Each contract has a set  of literacy tasks that must be completed and also includes some negotiated tasks.

There is a lot of excitement brewing also, as most groups storyboards are complete and students will begin designing their first movies using the program Movie Maker.

Well, here comes another fabulous week of learning!

Signing off for now,

Mr Ahearn, Miss Marmo and Mrs Vassiliou

An example of a learning contract.

An example of a learning contract.

7 rules for creating an amazing poster!

Rule1: Purpose-What do we want the public to know?

This is our team’s DREAM

Rule 2: Sell in 10 seconds -The public need to understand the poster’s message in 10 seconds. This means the poster needs to be clear and concise.

Rule 3: The Title– Needs to be short, about the topic, easy to understand and compelling!

Rule 4: The content – The same rules apply to creating a poster as the rule for writing. Less is Best and Quality over Quantity!

Rule 5: Unique features – Think about including (websites, symbols, photographs and drawings, catch phrases, slogans etc…)

Rule 6: Layout – Your poster must be logical, eye catching, be close to eye level and never have less than size 24 font. Include diagrams and arrows if necessary.

Rule 7: Personality – Make your poster represent who you are as a group.

Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation-Thomas C Erren* and Philip E Bourne 

Copyright : © 2007 Erren and Bourne.